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Seared Scallops with Broad Beans, Fennel and Chorizo

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In this recipe created exclusively for Specflue by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the combination of pork and shellfish is classic in Iberian cooking and works brilliantly on the Vulcanus® grill. The veg element can vary with the seasons. Asparagus, green beans, wedges of little gem lettuce or hispi cabbage, courgettes and aubergines can all be used.

You can use a bought chorizo and grill thick slices, but the 'Tupperware chorizo' is fun to make, and a really useful recipe to have up your sleeve. You’ll have some leftover from these quantities.

40 mins

12–16 scallops
20–30 small young broad bean pods
4 small fennel bulbs

‘Tupperware chorizo’

750g pork shoulder, coarsely minced
1 tbsp sweet smoked paprika
1 tsp hot smoked paprika
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 tsp/10g fine sea salt
1 tsp fennel seeds
Good pinch cayenne pepper
Splash of red wine
Freshly ground black pepper
A little oil for frying

Seasoning for scallops

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
Chilli flakes
Pinch of salt

Generous trickle of olive oil
Good squeeze of lemon


‘Tupperware chorizo’ method

It’s best to make this the day before, or at least a few hours in advance, as the flavours develop.

  • Put all the ingredients except the oil into a bowl and mix thoroughly with your hands, squishing the mix through your fingers to distribute the seasoning evenly.
  • Heat a little oil in a frying pan, break off a small piece of the mixture, shape into a tiny patty and fry for a few minutes on each side, until cooked through.
  • Taste to check the seasoning, remembering that the flavours will develop further as the mixture matures. If you’re a heat fiend, you can add more cayenne or hot smoked paprika and black pepper.
  • Cover the mixture and store in the fridge for a few hours, before using; this will allow the flavours time to develop. It will keep for about 2 weeks in a covered container.

Seared scallops method

  1. Place the broad beans roughly in the middle of the Vulcanus® grill to steam the beans in their pods. Turn them every few minutes as the other ingredients cook.
  2. Place the fennel on the grill right by the middle of the fire pit.
  3. Season the scallops with chopped garlic, chilli flakes, a pinch of salt and a tiny trickle of oil.
  4. Flip the fennel once slightly charred brown on the underside.
  5. Flip the broad beans.
  6. Dress the final serving dish with a trickle of olive oil, salt, pepper and a good squeeze of lemon.
  7. Put the fennel into the final serving dish and turn lightly in the dressing.
  8. Hand press about 150g (a generous handful) of the ‘Tupperware chorizo’ into 8–10 small patties and place on hot edge of the grill (i.e. where the fennel was cooking).
  9. Place the scallops onto the grill next to/among the chorizo, so the spicy fat from the chorizo runs into the scallops.
  10. Flip the chorizo patties when nicely browned on the underside and push a bit further out on the grill.
  11. Move the scallops to where the chorizo patties were.
  12. Break up the patties into chunky crumbs on the grill.
  13. Turn the scallops after a couple of minutes and keep moving the scallops and patty pieces in and amongst each other to share the flavours.
  14. Scoop the scallops and chorizo off the Vulcanus® and into the final serving dish.
  15. Take the beans off the Vulcanus® grill and place them on a plate to cool for a few minutes.
  16. Tumble the scallops, chorizo and fennel in the final serving dish.
  17. Take the beans out their pods and scatter over the dish.
  18. Tumble again and serve, with a final squeeze of lemon juice.

Allergy Information

This recipe contains fish which some people may be allergic to. Please check carefully before preparing or serving this dish.
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