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Environment And Community

our impact

what we are doing

We are always looking for ways that we can reduce our impact on the environment, especially plastic waste. Please see below things we do as part of our environmental, community and diversity focus at Maison Flair. We are always learning, and accept that our journey towards sustainability will be a continuous process. This is why we explore technological advancements, and discuss sustainability when selecting new products and suppliers on an ongoing basis.

Using green energy to reduce our impact on the environment

  • We heat our building with an eco-friendly pellet boiler. 
  • Total Gas Energy is our gas supplier across all depots and is the only carbon-neutral provider we could find.
  • The van fleet managed by our delivery partners uses the latest technology in fuel emissions.
  • To further reduce our impact on the environment, we continuously work to reduce our general waste.

Our ways to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment and community

  • Where possible we replace plastic packing bag stocks with 100% biodegradable products.
  • Moreover, we make recycled packing material from all our returned corrugated cases.
  • Our bubble wrap is 100% recyclable material.
  • Separating waste we produce to recycle responsibly is second nature now.

We are active participants in our local community

Our local community special needs partner helps with our additional packing and fulfilment requirements, subsequently offering employment opportunities to their clients. 

In addition, our local community special needs contractor also provides us with gardening services.

Above all, we love that our team is made up of various ages and genders, and is ethnically diverse!

In short, our commitment to the environment and community has a lot of heart. 

Minimising the impact on the environment is a continuous work in progress. Here at Maison Flair, we research Ways to minimise the impact of plastic on the environment and community, and are actively exploring ways to increase the sustainability focus in our supply chain.